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Bootsy's Rubber Band

Review 06/04/98 From: FF Gap

Hi everybody! Bootsy and his New Rubber Band tore the roof off in Duesseldorfs TOR 3 yesterday! With an all-star lineup they gave an amazing concert lasting about 2 hours. Here's the setlist they had on stage: Mothership (DAT) Ahh The Name Is Mothership (live) Peace OK Party Lickable Ain't No Party Leav'n Bernie Interlude Funkentelechy One Nation Fred Flashlight Bootzilla Roto Rooter Good & Nasty Rather Be Do Dat Freak Sacred Place Stretching Out Touch Ga Ga Goo Ga - silly - Hits (Vamp?) (that's how it's standing on the musicians track list!) Although the song names are a bit different then they appear on the records they should be clear. Bernie played an amazing solo that turned into 'Can You Get To That'. 'One Nation' was sung by Gary Shider (Bootsy: 'We found that guy on the street' :-) ). Fred Wesley did a medley of 'Gimme Some More' and 'Funk School' (from his new album). During a few songs, or better the rap songs, they had a DAT running with some beats. Bootsys solo during 'I'd rather be with you' was fantastic, he just didn't stop playing. The whole show was so damn powerful (much better than the live album). I still have the opinion that other bands than the PFAS play older P.Funk better than the PFAS themselves. I first thought that when I saw Bernie in concert...and this Bootsy concert made me sure with this opinion. The lineup: Bootsy Bernie Worrell (the man is soooo great) Gary Shider (great guitar work, voice only on 'One Nation') Rick Gardner Fred Wesley (a legend ,audience really loved him) Kash Waddy (funky) Flip Cornett Greg Fitz Mudbone Cooper (the voice is goood) Henry Benefield April Showers (did I understand that right) Giffy (I don't know her full name...she will be having an album out soon produced in part by Mousse T.) Da Lesson (rappin on some tracks) Be Wise (rappin his ass off) May The Funk B With U FF Gap

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